Oral health

Research has shown that preventative dental care plays a vitally important role in reducing the risk of developing dental disease in the future. A thorough cleaning and maintenance routine can improve oral health as well as impacting on general health and wellbeing.

Reducing the need for treatment

A White Rose Dental Practice study into dental health revealed that patients on our care plan who attend regular dental and hygiene sessions experience improved dental health and, as a result, require less treatment. This is because, when you visit regularly, you will benefit from the experience of a team of dental and hygiene professionals who will monitor your overall oral health and treat any problems in the best way to suit your individual needs. Regular care gives us the opportunity to address any signs of disease at the earliest possible stage and reduce the risk of it becoming a bigger problem further down the line.

Lifestyle and oral health

Our experienced hygienist can advise how lifestyle choices can affect your teeth and gums, and will demonstrate the best methods to keep on top of your oral health to keep your mouth as fresh and healthy as possible. Our preventative approach to oral healthcare has been carefully designed to keep your teeth and gums in good condition and help you feel better for the long term.