Airflow polishing

Airflow polishing is a gentle hygiene treatment, designed to thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth and gums, removing stubborn areas of plaque that build up on the teeth over time. Whilst not primarily designed as a whitening treatment, it can remove moderate staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking which can help restore teeth to a more natural shade.

How does AirFlow work?

Airflow is a non-invasive process, carried out by a hygienist, in which a high pressure jet made up of air, water and sodium bicarbonate is applied to the teeth to clean, polish and brighten them. The quick and painless process gets into the difficult to reach areas to remove debris and stains that can be missed with traditional brushing and flossing. The Airflow cleaning process is normally completed in around half an hour.

The advantages

The popular Airflow treatment offers a number of benefits. The advanced cleaning results in a subtle, natural-looking improvement to the overall appearance of the teeth. After treatment, your mouth will feel exceptionally clean. Airflow is a great solution for nervous patients or anyone with sensitivity, as there is no direct contact with either the teeth or the gums.

Airflow is a more affordable way to refresh the appearance of the teeth and the natural materials and gentle process means it is kind to teeth. Treatment is complete in one short session which means the benefits are immediately.