Nervous patients

At White Rose Dental we understand that visiting the dentist isn’t easy for some people and that you might feel nervous about having dental treatments. We are well experienced in working with anxious patients and we will make sure that you are treated with both respect and empathy.

A calm environment

We know that coming to the dentist can be stressful, which is why we offer a calm and reassuring environment to help patients feel at ease. We are a friendly and welcoming team and all members of our staff are dedicated to making your visit here as stress-free as possible.

Taking things at your own pace

Whether it’s for an examination or for a dental treatment your dentist will take the time to answer and explain all aspects of your dental care needs. You will receive a full explanation of any treatment that you are undergoing, and you can ask us to stop and take a break at any point if you are beginning to feel uncomfortable. We will take your visit at your own pace, and hopefully this will give you a sense of reassurance.

Your own dentist

We believe it is important to develop a patient-dentist relationship, so you will be allocated a specific dentist who will be assigned to you, and who you will see each time you come to the practice. This way you can feel that your dentist knows all about you, your dental needs and that you are in safe hands.

The benefits of visiting your dentist

It is important for the health of your teeth, mouth and your general health that you visit the dentist regularly. By catching any potential problems early, we can begin repairing your teeth sooner and prevent any issues from escalating and causing further damage that could require more invasive treatment. You will find that regular visits to the hygienist and dentist mean healthier teeth for longer. We also believe that the more you visit the practice, the easiest your visits will become.