A crown is a tooth shaped ‘cap’ that fits over a damaged or weak tooth, restoring its shape, size and strength and improving its overall appearance. Your dentist may suggest a crown when there is insufficient tooth structure left to support a filling, to hold a dental bridge in place or for cosmetic reasons.

How a crown works

At White Rose Dental we offer crowns made from either metal; porcelain covered metal; or all-porcelain crowns. The material of your crown may depend on the location of where the crown is needed and the role of crown, whether it is to provide strength and longevity, for example in the case of molars or whether the appearance of the crown is more important, i.e. when replacing a front tooth. Your dentist will talk you through the advantages of each material and the suitability to your individual circumstances. What we will ensure though is that your natural smile is restored along with the functionality of your mouth.

Getting a crown fitted

If you need a crown, your dentist will first take x-rays and impressions of the damaged tooth that the crown will cover, establishing the size, shape and shade needed. A new crown will then be created, designed to match the original tooth as closely as possible. Some of the surface of the damaged tooth will need to be removed to create a space for the crown to be fitted. You will be given a temporary crown to use whilst your new crown is being made so you will still have use of your tooth. Once the new crown is cemented in place, it should be a permanent fixture and can last for more than ten years, dependent upon how well the crowned tooth is cared for. Your new tooth should, once you have got used to it, look and feel completely natural in your mouth.