Here at White Rose Dental Practice we have our very own Clinical Denture Technician with over 35 years experience. Our technician is able to see unregistered patients for dentures and repairs. Sports Guards are also available for adults and children. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Dentures are a replacement for natural teeth that are too worn or damaged to work effectively. Modern dentures have come a long way in recent years. They fit well, feel secure and look completely natural. At White Rose Dental Practice, we offer a number of high quality denture options. Whether you need a small number of teeth replaced or you are in need of a full set of dentures, our experienced dentists and in-house technician will work with you to restore the natural function of your teeth and transform your smile.

When might we recommend dentures?

Dentures are a usually offered as a solution to replace multiple damaged teeth. Smaller gaps within the arch can often be fixed with crowns or bridges which are anchored to surrounding healthy teeth. However, when multiple teeth are missing, the gap may be too wide to be supported by the remaining teeth and this is when a denture is the most effective solution.

We offer the choice of a full denture or a partial denture depending on the number of teeth to be replaced. A full denture replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. A partial denture is created using a frame which includes a number of artificial teeth that have been shaped to match the colour and shape of the natural surrounding teeth. The frame fits neatly around the healthy teeth to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

What is the process?

After checking over your existing teeth your dentist will discuss the most suitable option. We prepare for the dentures by taking an impression of your mouth. These impressions are used to shape and style your new teeth. We also colour match the dentures to your existing teeth to find the closest match.

Once the denture has been created, you’ll come back to the surgery for fitting. The technician will make the final small adjustments to make sure they fit your mouth neatly and comfortably.